Casa Arango CAMAGUEY, we guarantee your comfort and rest

The city of Camagüey founded in 1514 has a compact and very extensive historical center, characterized by a winding road network and narrow alleys. It is located between the Tinima river and the central railroad and runs along two road axes that culminate in plazas. To the north is the Avenida de Los Mártires, which culminates in the Joaquín de Agüero square, an urban park within the city, where there are two stores. In this avenue there is a BPA, churches, museum, Hotel Puerto Príncipe, post office, house of culture, among others.
The house in question is located on one of these axes, Avenida de los Mártires, which has two lanes of vehicular traffic, wide sidewalks, with vegetation and a corridor of portals, exponents of eclecticism in the city, and good night lighting. It is located ten minutes on foot from the center.

Casa Arango CAMAGUEY was built in 1958, as a family home by Ing. Eduardo Arango de Varona (my father) and his father, Architect Eduardo Arango Mola.

Casa Arango CAMAGUEY is an exponent of the Modern Movement of the 50s (chalet type) in perfect condition with large spaces, with natural ventilation and lighting, such as the room that is rented with total privacy, private bathroom and the Necessary amenities for this accommodation service, it also has an interior garden, which is in the center of the house, with lots of vegetation and suitable furniture for exteriors and garage service. The attention and cleanliness complement the service.

The main host is a retired architect, who worked in city planning for many years and then moved on to Culture. She is a very talkative person, who likes to know and learn about the customs of other countries. The children who live with her are, a degree in Spanish and literature (her daughter) and an architect, the son, both work with the state and help in the small family business.